The Coaching Centre – Australia

What is Coaching? 
The Coaching Centre’s definition of coaching is not the same to coaching as many other people define it;
 ‘Coaching is the art of facilitating an individual or organisation to a specific agreed upon outcome via a ruthlessly compassionate conversation that flushes out the core of meanings of the client and identifies and mobilises inner and outer resources to develop, unleash, and actualise the client’s potentials for achieving their dreams.’

As coaches, we believe in the dignity and integrity of every human being and we are committed to eliciting the inherent resourcefulness of every client. Through an interactive process, we aim for the development of strategies and solutions that the client designs and moves toward. As coaches we are respectful and protective of each client’s vulnerability and constructively hold the client to a high standard of responsibility and accountability. As coaches we work to be objective and competent in our practices. The Managing Coach is Shawn Dwyer, ACMC

Coaching Relationship and Contract:

Every coaching relationship begins with the articulation of the terms of the coaching- client relationship in a clear, written communication or agreement. This will include the nature of the services, limitations, boundaries, the coach’s perspectives, a statement of the client’s rights, terms of the contract, times, frequency, methods of communication, and fee schedule.

Above and beyond everything else, a coach is an expert in the meta-discipline of facilitating the processes of self-actualising. As a meta-field coaching supports, enables, empowers, questions, and facilitates the expertise of the client. This makes the client the expert in his or her own life, in his or her own visions, dreams, values, potentials, and passions. As an expert in process, the coach does not determine what the client needs or wants. The coach has no informed agenda to impose. The coach facilitates the process of the client deciding on his or her own outcomes.