Client Testimonials

Melanie Kearney – Kinesiology Practitioner – Soul Body Kinetics
Among many of the positively impacting qualities of Shawn’s coaching with me, I greatly appreciate his compassion and wise precision of applied NS NLP and how much he has helped me implement into my life. To see how I was holding myself back and now to be moving forward & upward in both my personal & professional life with new vision, is to learn how the world really is my oyster!

ST Hoogwout, Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) Graduate 2016
For anyone who is serious about reaching their Meta Coaching accreditation in an accelerated, structured and targeted way, this program is in my opinion the best way to do it. Taking one skill at a time, getting high quality feedback in the moment and then applying the feedback directly or in the next call, helped me reach my accreditation within a few months of completing the ACMC Training Program.

Reden Cerrer – Professor at De La Salle University
Coaching brings out the best in you. Shawn is able to hold the semantic space even if we’re doing coaching over Skype. There were some emotional moments at my end that Shawn was able to manage.
More than skills and methods, the best thing about Shawn is his authenticity. His presence is what I trust, secondly, his skills. Yes, I highly recommend Shawn Dwyer.

Nola Debney – Real Estate Agent
Coaching has provided me with an opportunity to look at all areas that have concerned me from a different perspective and understand the situations with more clarity and understanding. To be able to look at a situation from a position outside gives a boarder understanding. I think a lot of people would benefit from coaching with Shawn, he provided me clarity of every different situation.

Brenden Savage – Centennial Coal Supervisor
The Coaching Centre has amazing content and excellent facilitators to take your life to the next level; Giving you tools to be ‘your best’. If you want more out of life get in touch with The Coaching Centre today. It will be the best decision of your life!

Claudine Kurian – IT Leadership Professional
Shawn is a highly talented and ethical coach, who actively listened to pinpoint areas where I could improve in and worked with me to create a realistic plan to achieve my goals. He is highly skilled and is a wonderful coach to work with. He has helped me substantially!

Michelle Boyles – Toll Logistics WHS Manager
I’ve really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Shawn. He is a great supportive listener. Shawn asks the right question which helped me to see my limited thinking patterns. This awareness has help me to make purposeful changes in my every day life.

Aaron Burkett – Proud Dad
Before my first session I had difficulty with habitual unwise decision making. After my second session I’ve had multiple challenges to this and have had personal successes with each event that has arisen.

Phillip Ainsworth – Registered Nurse Greater Western Area Health Service
I used to believe I had no talent, now I know I do!
During the course of coaching, I have grown in confidence talking to people whilst I hear what they are saying. I feel a closer connection and see the qualities others have by being able to relate with them and thus gain a greater bond. Other people can not upset me! Through coaching I am more organised, structured and positive toward my goals. I am closer than ever to achieve my wishes and evolve to become enlightened and a better human being for others and the planet.

Melissa Steedman – Barista
I have found through my coaching sessions with Shawn Dwyer how to maintain responsibility for who I am (my internal & external self), this has stopped me from being so worried about what other people think. I can say through the coaching sessions I have gained more self confidence for myself and more acceptance of myself and others. I would recommend that anyone having trouble not knowing them self, confidence issues, or issues blaming self or others, to talk to Shawn Dwyer because he had the knowledge and answers I was looking for and I am confident he has those qualities for many more who seek his professional guidance.
From the coaching program I have learnt that I own my thoughts, feelings, behaviours and speech and that only I am responsible for them. I worry less about the things I am not responsible for and own what I can only be responsible for!

Shawn is very professional at what he does and if you want know yourself more or even just have a fun and positive personal challenge, talk to Shawn he is very helpful. Yes. It is fun, exciting, and interesting to be coached by Shawn Dwyer and I learnt so much about myself yayyyyy!!!!!!! :-)… B-)…P-)

Peter Young, First in Charge, Physiotherapy Clinic, Orange Health Service

Coaching with Shawn has proved invaluable to my work and home life. I feel confident and secure in my leadership skills and approach to work. I have unearthed the potential for greater leadership, people management, organisation and time management.

Di Sutton, Connexioncoaching

I have thoroughly enjoyed the coaching program with Shawn and appreciated his keeping me accountable and pinning me down to be clear. I appreciated his coaching when I was exploring whether I was too judgemental and also when I was preparing to be filmed for advertising my business.

At the beginning of our sessions I had set three goals and these have all been met. Shawn listened to me and focused on helping me get to what I wanted. I always felt he had my best interest at heart. Thanks Shawn.
What ever I asked for, either revealing something to myself from my unconscious mind or straight out teaching, he produced.

Maureen Haines – CEO Cynerchi Performance Solutions

Shawn is driven to help people succeed in life, its his life centre and motivation, a real admirable trait to have. A Family Man, Entrepreneur and Certified NLP Trainer Shawn has this amazing ability to find and create opportunities.

Shawn’s gentle and compassionate coaching style builds rapport and trust within the first few minutes. Then his true coaching skill emerges – his ability to get to the heart of the matter through precision questioning, sharp listening skills (which few people have), and being fearless about confronting when it means to bring out the real issue for his clients. I recommend Shawn as a coach to anyone who is looking to find their own results and move to a higher ground of actualising excellence and peak experience!

Nola Debney

“When I started coaching sessions with Shawn, I was really not sure what to expect. From the first session just chatting, to then adapting procedures and processes to put in place which could help me deal with situations, both at work and at a personal level, over the following coaching sessions. Well, I must say that I had positive outcomes and results from the beginning. In fact it was quite amazing, Shawn was directing me with his coaching and ideas in ways to solve problems, and having me create the answer for myself.
It is very clever of him, he leads without directly driving. So, when a problem I would have mentioned previously arrives, I have this little voice coming over loud and clear and have the opportunity to deal with the situation easily and instantly, just as we have discussed and I have achieved good outcomes.

Coaching with Shawn is certainly something I can recommend to anyone, it is like having a mirror that you talk to, but don’t actually get answers, it is more like suggestions and clarity of different circumstances that you might be dealing with that you receive.

Coaching is an excellent way to have professional advice in a very personal and professional manner, as well as in strict confidence.

I can certainly recommend Shawn Dwyer to you, and know you will see results very quickly.”
Nola 2013

Manjari Makijany

“The show was a 10/10. And i was surprised how NOT nervous i was at all, and i felt exactly the way i wanted to!

Thankyou so much”.

Manjari Makijany.

Melbourne Short Film Festival Winner 2012.

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