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About Shawn Dwyer

The Director of The Coaching Centre is Mr Shawn Dwyer, a profound facilitator, associate certified meta-coach and internationally recognised trainer in NLP and Neuro Semantics. He is the International Vice President of The Meta Coach Foundation. Shawn also is a certified lean six sigma green belt business improvement specialist.

Short Term Thinking

Thinking is in Short Supply #4 by L.Michael Hall PhD Short-Term Thinking - Another Thinking Disability I've been writing about why real thinking is in short supply and the various factors that actually stop thinking. Here's another. Regarding a central time factor that's involved in thinking, there are two forms of thinking. There is short-term [...]

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Name Calling Shuts Down Healthy Thinking

Primitive Thinking that Shuts Thinking Down All politicians all do it. At least, I can't think of a single politician who doesn't do it. Yet in name-calling, they are actually practicing a very primitive form of thinking. Rather it is one that is appropriate for a seven-year old or maybe a 13-year old, but not [...]

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MCF Online

The Meta-Coach System and MCF Online First of all the Meta-Coach System® provides the most cutting edge communication training available in the world today for Professional Coaches and any individual or organisation committed to rich relationships and success. Also the Meta-Coach System is applied in over 50 countries. Yet the Meta-Coach Foundation is a governing [...]

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Behind “What Stops You” Are Powerful Assumptions

BEHIND "WHAT STOPS YOU?" ARE POWERFUL ASSUMPTIONS ~ Article written by L. Michael Hall PhD ~ When you coach, there are a few basics that you want to know. The starting point is always, "What do you want?" To make sure the answer is relevant and important, you want to know "Why is that important [...]

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The Self-Actualizing Genius State

The Self-Actualizing Genius State ~ Article written by L. Michael Hall PhD ~ What does a person actually do or experience when he or she self-actualizes? Maslow identified eight things that we could add to our list of prerequisites for the “genius” state. In fact, because some of the following quotations wonderfully describe the genius [...]

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By Shawn Dwyer How does NLP and other constructionism models specifically ‘inform’ the Meta-Coach System with recognised application? As a Neuro-Semantic Trainer how do you use other approaches that informs your training content? Are you a confident Neuro-Semantic Trainer able to succinctly communicate to your participants the evolutionary background of the Meta-Coaching System? The article [...]



"IT'S NOT NORMAL!" ~ Article written by L. Michael Hall PhD ~ Whenever I lead the coach training, one thing I say over and over is, "The Coaching Conversation is not a normal conversation!" There's a reason for it. I want to drive home the point that as a Meta-Coach, you need to shift your [...]

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Transforming Depression

~ Article written by L. Michael Hall PhD ~ When it comes to the complex meta-state called "depression," given that we create it as noted in the past three posts, we can now ask two very different questions. First, "How does a person create depression?" And second, "How can we transform depression?" First, Creating the [...]

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Depression as pressing down

This Thing Called "Depression" ~ Article written by L. Michael Hall PhD ~ Sometimes a word is highly informative and tells the story of all experience. This happens to be the case with "depression". People who suffer depression not only go through a disappointment, loss, frustration, etc., they also "de-press" their life's energies. They press-down their emotions, their [...]

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What does self-actualization mean?

What does self-actualization mean? Written by Shawn Dwyer When a person is fully functioning in life, at their best and capable to maintain the human drives, they are said to be fulfilling their needs, self-actualizing. Human potential includes the higher needs which are in fact distinguishable from the animal needs, we will describe both needs [...]

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