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The Self-Actualizing Genius State

The Self-Actualizing Genius State ~ Article written by L. Michael Hall PhD ~ What does a person actually do or experience when he or she self-actualizes? Maslow identified eight things that we could add to our list of prerequisites for the “genius” state. In fact, because some of the following quotations wonderfully describe the genius [...]

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"IT'S NOT NORMAL!" ~ Article written by L. Michael Hall PhD ~ Whenever I lead the coach training, one thing I say over and over is, "The Coaching Conversation is not a normal conversation!" There's a reason for it. I want to drive home the point that as a Meta-Coach, you need to shift your [...]

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Depression as pressing down

This Thing Called "Depression" ~ Article written by L. Michael Hall PhD ~ Sometimes a word is highly informative and tells the story of all experience. This happens to be the case with "depression". People who suffer depression not only go through a disappointment, loss, frustration, etc., they also "de-press" their life's energies. They press-down their emotions, their [...]

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Are You Pleased With Your Human Programming?

Article Written by Dr.L Michael Hall. Look at the things that you do today-the things that you do everyday in a regular and systematic way, the things that you can count on yourself to do. Your human programming. Look at getting up and dressed, having breakfast (or skipping breakfast), brushing your teeth, driving, etc. When [...]

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Challenge in 5 Dimensions

~Written by Dr.L.Michael Hall~ As a Professional you can know that we frame the coaching skills in terms of two seemingly contradictory values- compassion and challenge. You also know that an ideal coach, an expert coach, is a person who has developed the skill of compassionately challenging. You know that our catch word for this [...]

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Becoming Real in Relation to Others

Becoming Real in Relation to Others ~ Written by Dr.L.Michael Hall You are not only a human being, one with identity and value, nor are you only a doer, a person who takes action and develops skills, you are also a social being. The sub-matrix of Self addresses your sense of value and worth (Self, [...]

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More Than Just Self Confidence -> Self-Efficacy ~ Dr.L.Michael Hall While self-confidence is good, there is something that goes far beyond self-confidence and something that would really enrich your life. Interested? Yes, I'm talking about self-efficacy. So what is that? Confidence in yourself refers to what you can do. It is your faith with yourself [...]

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Emotional Awareness

Emotional Awareness In one of The Coaching Centre coach mentoring programs last week a coach asked "why do people not understand that their emotions are only emotions and not commands, when do we gain effective emotional awareness?". I asked "have you ever been had by your emotions? Have you ever done something because you couldn't [...]

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Outside – Inside – Upside

Three Dimensions of Reality ~Dr.L. Michael Hall~ Outside - Inside - Upside "What is Neuro-Semantics?" I get that question all of the time. And over the years, I've answered the question in many different ways. Here is another one. Neuro-Semantics is a model about the various dimensions of life- outside, inside, and upside. All things [...]

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Mindfulness and Meta-States What do we mean by mindfulness? To be mindful is to be present to your current situation, aware, appreciative, and in sensory-awareness. It is to be here-and-now in your awareness. It is to be conscious of what you are experiencing- present, and not lost in thought about some other time and place. [...]

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