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Short Term Thinking

Thinking is in Short Supply #4 by L.Michael Hall PhD Short-Term Thinking - Another Thinking Disability I've been writing about why real thinking is in short supply and the various factors that actually stop thinking. Here's another. Regarding a central time factor that's involved in thinking, there are two forms of thinking. There is short-term [...]

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The Self-Actualizing Genius State

The Self-Actualizing Genius State ~ Article written by L. Michael Hall PhD ~ What does a person actually do or experience when he or she self-actualizes? Maslow identified eight things that we could add to our list of prerequisites for the “genius” state. In fact, because some of the following quotations wonderfully describe the genius [...]

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Are You Pleased With Your Human Programming?

Article Written by Dr.L Michael Hall. Look at the things that you do today-the things that you do everyday in a regular and systematic way, the things that you can count on yourself to do. Your human programming. Look at getting up and dressed, having breakfast (or skipping breakfast), brushing your teeth, driving, etc. When [...]

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Challenge in 5 Dimensions

~Written by Dr.L.Michael Hall~ As a Professional you can know that we frame the coaching skills in terms of two seemingly contradictory values- compassion and challenge. You also know that an ideal coach, an expert coach, is a person who has developed the skill of compassionately challenging. You know that our catch word for this [...]

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Unrecognised Persuasion Techniques

~ Written by Dr.L Michael Hall ~ If there is a constant in the field of persuasion, it is searching for the latest persuasion technique. Having read dozens and dozens of books on persuasion in research and preparation for the book I wrote, Inside-Out Persuasion, I came upon that drive again and again. And when [...]

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You- A Temporal Being Living in Time - The Time Matrix In the Matrix Model, we have distinguished five aspects of self, time is one such aspect. As a review, we first have your value or worth (i.e.,self-esteem) and identity, these are in the Self matrix. Your power, skills, abilities, assets, liabilities, etc. are in [...]

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Learn How To Be Truly Remarkable

Would you like to become a high performer with satisfaction AND purpose? Strategic Steps To Emotional Intelligence Success in life is vitally dependent on your ability to manage yourself in all aspects of your life. Having the skills to take charge of your responses, emotions and communication, while remaining focused and committed to the pursuit [...]

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Self Leadership Mindfulness

META-STATES IS MINDFULNESS Mindfulness results from meta-stating. That's because when you meta-state you are stepping back (metaphorically) from yourself and your experiencing and becoming aware of your experience. You can do that right now. Right now you are reading about the process of meta-stating (bringing one state to another state) and right now, as you [...]

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Can You Manage Your State?

As a human being and as an effective communicator, we are never not in a state, we're always in some kind of state. A mind-body-emotion experience. So when you are communicating with your clients, what state is your client in? And is it the best state for them to be communicated to? What state do [...]

By | December 1st, 2015|Emotional Intelligence, Human Development, Self Actualisation, Self Leadership, Training Certification, Uncategorized|Comments Off on Can You Manage Your State?
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