Lean Operational Excellence

Why Use The Coaching Centre For Business Excellence?

The Coaching Centre holds experience in lean operational excellence that spans over the last 20 years throughout a diverse range of industries and our programs are designed to:

  • Increase Quality Performance Of Service And Products
  • Create Visibility Through Operations For Agility
  • Improve Company Culture For Higher Job Satisfication
  • Reduce Delivery And Service Lead Times
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Maximise Business Value
  • Eliminate Operational Waste Through Lean Design
  • Stabilise, Standardise and Simplify Work
  • Improve Morale
  • Deliver Services And Products In Full On Time
Are you ready for value adding to your business? It is easier than you realise with The Coaching Centre. With international and local lean implementation experience. Executive coaching And lean business improvement is for business who want to gain high performance in their systems, culture and make a sustainable impact. We support improvement for transactional and all service industries aswell as production operations.

How Do We Start?

We start with a focused analysis and strategy deployment that you direct. Education is then a critical ingredient for change. Our facilitation programs are customised to your specific needs and strategically delivered just-in-time for immediate application. As your specialist, we will be onsite as an engagement leader to reinforce learning, to assist problem solving and ensure effective and timely completion of all projects. The general sequence focuses on systems and then on process level change, followed by implementation of daily management systems. The changes we seek will be impactful.
Effective change comes from inside the organisation, through the creative energy and talent of the workforce and the leaders.

The Business Improvement Partnership Approach

Our strategic transformation partnership allows the members of an organisation to achieve rapid, successful and sustainable transformation The Coaching Centre way. The partnership integrates hands on education and action to build more capable and motivated workforce. This approach can achieve faster than can generally be accomplished by internal lean departments because it educates, and builds passion for improvement across your entire organisation.
Once your plans are executed you will be able to reduce cycle times through our learning and improvement focused training. The strategic transformation partnership takes companies step-by-step through your improvement journey.
We offer you extended billing options that will ensure you realise savings well in excess of the billings over the life of the partnership. Ideally invoices will arrive after you have already realised the savings, making this truly cost neutral.

Lean HouseFurthermore, businesses can be extraordinarily complex entities, and it is unrealistic to assume that any one person, not matter how involved they are, understands every mutually influential relationship that exists between different business areas or colleagues. We provide you with;

  • Internationally Certified Lean Six Sigma Business Improvement Specialist
  • Improve Business Capability & Productivity
  • Reduce Non Value Adding Activity Throughout Your System
  • Develop Dynamic Stability With Standardised Work
  • Implement Strategies For Business Performance

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