Mastery via Modeling – Discovering The Structure Of Experience

In the modeling process there’s lots of tools that we have available to us. Hence you will learn how to track the flow of human mind-body responses that creates a behavior. In addition to tracking you will learn the processes of Identify, unpacking, and replicating strategies. Most of all we will also add meta-levels to this description and introduce the foundations of Neuro-Semantics modeling. Msatery via modeling is part of Meta Masters

So in Neuro-Semantics, we aim to extend what NLP began since using the latest discoveries in the Cognitive Sciences, Cybernetics, Systems, General Semantics, etc. Therefore Foundations for modeling in Neuro-Semantics involves not only the NLP-enriched TOTE model that began the whole Cognitive Movement itself, but also the sources for modeling in Korzybski that were never brought over into NLP and used very little in General Semantics.

Furthermore you will learn how to model and use applications for;

  • Optimism
  • Creativity
  • Resilience
  • Uninsultability
  • Hence, exploring the Structure of Experience.
  • Yet other key components of this training;
  • Modeling: the heart of NLP
  • Kinds of Modeling
  • Best States for Modeling and Tools for Modeling
  • Submodalities and Meta-Levels
  • Unmasking Sbmd’s meta-levels
  • Using Sbmd for Mastering NLP
  • Strategies for Modeling
  • The NLP-enriched TOTE Model
  • Identifying, unpacking, & replicating
  • Strategies of Excellence
  • Most noteworthy Neuro-Semantics Modeling
  • Cultural Modeling
  • Structure of “Cultural” Phenomena

Modeling – Course Dates

Location: Orange
When: 8.30am start 11th November, 2017
9am-5pm 3 days, Friday 11th to Sunday 13th November 2017 (3 days)
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While up until the 21st of October the Early Bird Rate is Only $595

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