Meta-Trance Using Trance For Mastery

trance-and-timelinesWhat is Trance? Do you realise that everyone thinks internally as a natural process many times throughout the day? In the same fashion do you get entranced by experiencing mastery and excellence? Surely you can benefit from a highly effective communication model called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to entice you into your future… and furthermore you will be able to recognize the process and development of your own mastery through the days of this training in such a way that you would feel a growing confidence about it, and what would you say could be the most significant aspect of that mastery? What if you embedded your life inside of your own mastery? So are you now ready to get on top of anything that gets in your way toward a brilliant life?

Implementing Healthy Communication

To put it another way if we want to track the higher levels of the mind, the higher frames that we use, the frames that set the frame for our thinking, feeling, remembering, imagining, etc., then it would look like the following:

A Two Day program designed with learning for:

  • trance firstly as a higher level phenomena
  • and what is hypnosis anyway?
  • In this case working with the ideas that are typically outside of cognitive conscious awareness
  • The nature of hypnotic phenomenon
  • The types of trance
  • Use the meta-Levels as logical levels
  • Gain the language for self mastery
  • Inductions of hypnotic Language
  • Another key point is building hypnotic inductions training
  • In the same fashion use statements and questions for hypnotic language
  • Eliciting your time line
  • Uniquely change personal history
  • Creating new decisions
  • Uniquely inquire via time-lines
  • Point often overlooked is linguistic timelining
  • How to use fast pace and slow moving time like you never have before
  • Spiraling Resources
  • Creating a New Life Narrative
  • Developing more time for patience now
  • Above all patterns for effectively living now

You will also receive a bonus book specifically designed for mastering the adventures of time
When: Dates TBA